the mimps, 4


Scene 1

Assumption of M. Mimp into Glassine Heaven by Virtue of a Pot of Chimp Barf

M. Mimp: (his crusts removed): Do I look dead?

Assorted Kronecker deltas tumble from the rafters, watched by M. Mimp in a tourmaline moment of juicy panic.

M. Mimp: Allured? I have not been in ages. Not my maths,
Nor opal digits with my taupe pralines attached,
Have satisfied my rich and meaty needs. For rich
And meaty needs are meaty needs indeed, and I have plenty,

The grape boobie.

M. Mimp: It strikes me now, hup!
That I might leave a trail like a slug,
Maugre my ignorance of what maugre means
And something custardy, like chimpen barf,
Left standing overnight in rods and nookie.
A slug trail right across the universe,
Proven by the Cheapies to consist
Of 4% atoms, which must mean the rest is nougat.

Cheapies knock a pot of chimp barf from the rafters onto M. Mimp's head. There is "chunk-style" satori, in heavy syrup.

M. Mimp: This nougat shall be moons, outrageous loaves
And canted crispies in my streaky drawer
Before M. Mimp his toll-house track is done
Across yon chippéd Cosmicke Lyme!

Act Four