Church of the Tri-Lobéd Luminous Green Brain, pt 3

Yes. Once I entered that door, it was just me plus an ass-chunk of me, floating together in a black, black place. Soon I became aware of a green light from somewhere, and a repeated sound, like a beep. It was as if a beeping lime rotated at the center of the universe.

Somewhere I heard the burring clown, whispering something that sounded like "wee firefly's glowin' ... arse," then he floated past me in the direction of that beeping lime. I rotated slowly, so slowly.

What was your center of gravity, or axis, in that place?

My seceded butt-chunk. Once I'd revolved 180° I saw It: the Tri-Lobéd Luminous Green Brain. He was yards and yards across. The clown drifted slowly within reach of the Brain's main hookéd sucker tube, and ...

Go on.

Before I knew it the clown was hacking up pastel bricks of what looked like inflatable candy, but something told me these were altered pieces of his brain. The bricks popped out of his mouth and into the waiting, slaver-ringéd end-cup of that hookéd sucker-tube. They sccchhhllorped down the tube faster than you could say "nickel-coated" and disappeared.

I couldn't wait to be next.