the mimps


Scene 1

Invocation of The Mimps

ALL (scrimping): Pyoot!

Sundry actions.

M. Mimp (lactose-bow): I'm feeble.
L. Mimp (or): I'm plating your nostril with eager cheeses ... now.
M. Mimp (bellicose): Mmmm. If I lick up I can just scent the internal phosphor blimp of Love!

The Six Cheapies enter

Six Cheapies (crinkling fast): Scrap'd!
L. Mimp: Cheapies, begone.
M. Mimp: Nay, my dimples are all coated - let the Six Cheapies whisk for toast, or for toast's ghost delay.
Six Cheapies (this is round): We habitually leave our skirts in a place that shines green like a beautiful fart.
M. Mimp: You see? Bent is the rod that forkéd lapis from th' boogers of Machiavel!
L. Mimp: It cannot munch (dies).

To be corrected after a wet satchel of leeks is dragged across my brow

Scene 2

First appearance of the Evil Fan-Doo

The Evil Fan-Doo enters, solus, borne aloft by hermaphrodite Cheapies on a hollow chimp carved from turkey wax which sweats under the influence of the close crowded clown-shaped Mimp tapers. Evil.

The Evil Fan-Doo: ... neighbor's "teacup" piñata crapped on my lawn again!

Certayne elves enter and dance. Musicke aloft.

The Evil Fan-Doo: Somebody come and clear out these goddamn elves!

Act Two