Notes on the voluptuound

1 What the world needs now. It is sweet, too, and if you doubt me, lean down and scoop it up.

2 This is either a) a thing like foot-candles or b) the opposite of hand-peanuts. Look up foot-candles. Furthermore the answer cannot be b) if there are such things as c) chin-peanuts and d) boobie-peanuts. The e) jury or f) committee is still out on whether there really are such things as c) and d)

3 A noton's not a proton, Croton, less'n it's whatcha dote on.

4 Non-Euclidean star-loops lead us ever toward a cooling and there is neither enough silence nor science: shut up and look, dumm-o!

5 I know how this sounds: "Hont yr rump," indeed. Sometimes on the train my firehead against the bullet glass, I cool from the thundings of herherherher passing. Up. Pleiades 'gainst my nose tip-tee, they wheel, and I go home.

6 Native American secret, huh??

7 Whatchoo doin' in there, stupa? My soggy fleener vies with the angle of the light on a rock in the north of the world of the sky.

8 Say! I know what the core of the apple rots to, and the cosine of the most reticent Keebler elf, whose name is Chet.

9 ... ta tee tee ta.

10 All those nameless tools, the dusty ones that I pick up and use for purposes for which they were never intended, I call "thubs". It just seems to fit, somehow. Therefore "thubble's", which bears the added mystery of the possessive, is really unclear to me. Sorry.

11 Finnegans Wake II.

12 The obvious joke. Chortle. It's been a long time since I was under and could name the things. Like that.

13 Jazz great Charlie "Peanuts" Mone was assisted in his jewelry death by a parcel of Grape Boobie. Who sent it and why, we may never know.

14 Don't ask, we have had several ovoid visitors knock us down from our fruit slice heavens lately.

15 Reminds me of someone I am not allowed to mention on pain of peeling, of peeking round and seeing a ghoul skyscraper follow like an insistent crystal in the Chinese sky. That's not what it is.

16 Yessssss. Indeed. Some people are not as uncomplicated as the sifts of smelly things we find stuck to our toes, after walking on the beach at night!

17 The legend of the "Han Emeral" is such that it cannot be told except by one deaf-mute to another, in sign-language, by arc-light, in a Kentucky cavern of ill-repute. Remember this when you are told that it can be found on the backs of cans of hominy or hearts of palm, written in a fiery script. It just ain't true.

18 Tious not on ... ch--ch fathers beholden cracky I am still walking those crack-y walks at night. Who is? there are feet before you, there are f**ks behind. Between that's nothing but hamburger buns, I don't connect cones, I let them meet tip-to-tip, base-to-base or base-to-tip if I am feeling naughty.

19 Igniis osseum. See note.

20 There is a wand that does not work. There is a Hortense Calisher-mobile. Well isn't there?

21 "Unx bandage al ichthis!) beaking" refers back to itself. The "bandage" part you may understand as a reference to Chixculub 'extinction' event (note the prevalence of 'x' marks back there), or perhaps to a boring basketball game, though what is the difference?

22 No comment. Wish I had one "down there."

23 Nothing could be more haunting. You (or really anyone) can stand on a hill in a light breeze and look over them and think about all the things they might mean for you, one day. I did this, and look at me.

24 Really a reprise of the night boxes, and a close on a minor note, T.