1. *
  2. Not available now, but maybe later, from here to there.
  3. Nausea.
  4. If you take "good" as an example, then what I fear comes over the horizon like the destruction of Brownstown, Illinois.
  5. Is he the one who plays the guitar? No, I think it's someone else.
  6. Played.
  7. Neither. It may seem confusing now, but you will get used to it when you plain black sodden fascicles wash open sour kite money.
  8. Because of its crystal structure (Trigonal - Trapezohedral) and because of its color.
  9. A quincunx of shafts bears them, a tower with no towels but plenty o' Good 'N' Plenty: that's -MY- kind of tower! How much do you have to stretch to switch on the good old gold god-light?
  10. The salad would be offended, would rear up on its lettuce-legs and walk away. And then where would you be?
  11. Sheboygan? Ho-Ho-Kus? Get out of here!
  12. Spot the spot the spot the spot. Spot the spot the spot. A glowing clown.
  13. You do.