The Sum of all Sums

"I don't think I'm exploiting my core competencies," said Score, as he reached inside his flight suit and ripped off his penis.

Now there was no one to fly the J-Seek 6, because I was unqualified and the only man who was qualified was flopping around like a hooked fish, blood hosing freely from his crotch. I couldn't think what else to do, so I lit up a Doral. The J-Seek 6 went into a sickening yaw, which only spread the blood more swiftly, and managed to dump our secret caches of multi-colored plastic "Rat-Finks" out of every place Snake and I had hid them.

"God damn it, Stone!" hissed Score through agony-clenched teeth. I took a long drag and waited for him to tell me what he wanted. Ah, menthol.

Somewhere in the middle distance, there was the sound of a toilet flushing. The yaw of the J-Seek 6 turned into a full-fledged roll.