.: BLARPY PUNGLES: Installment XII :.

The Phantom Urinal

Milo had just had his name legally changed to Mighleaux, and stopped into the mens' room on the way out of the official building where they do that officially (I can't remember its name ... can you? If you can, write it here: ______________).

He'd been "worked over" by the government officials as part of the process, so he needed to wipe off the snot and other fluids he'd been doused with as the officials danced around and laughed in an official capacity.

As soon as he faced the row of gleaming urinals, M (as he will be known henceforth, there being no "x" key on my keyboard - no longer, that is, because someone just came and pried it up and took it away, laughing) realized that something was very, very wrong. Instead of there being four urinals, as there'd been when he came in at noon, there were five. And the fifth one was ... special, somehow. Glittery. Can you guess what made it glitter? I can.